Something to Pray For

Jun 21, 2008 at 10:16 am (Uncategorized)

In case there was any confusion over the last few weeks Robert Mugabe has made it completely clear that basically all hope in Zimbabwe is lost. He has issued a call to war, insisting that there is no way the MDC can ever rule Zimbabwe.  Funny to think how often in stable democracies party leaders talk about stopping the opposition from winning an election in a forceful way and it’s taken as political hyperbole.  When the word leave Mugabe’s lip you know they are backed up  – by beating, imprisonment, murder, torture and totalitarianism.

I wrote that a week ago then my laptop had a major meltdown much to my dismay but then I thought – hey at least I’m not a leading figure in the MDC and therefore have not had m wife tortured and murdered. The front page of BBC news is Mugabe top and centre today as satan himself says the MDC are just making it up about violence against them.  Clearly they’re just bullshitting about losing their nearest and dearest according to Mugabe. And those supporters on the ground?  They’re not being beaten – that was just a typo!  They’re being given hugs and cuddles by Zanu PF.

Mugabe has been particularly vocal in the last weeks – making it clear that all hope for any sort of real election happening has been completely lost. The international community is paralysed by a lack of any coherant plan for what to do and Mugabe himself has said

He also said the opposition MDC would never be allowed to run the country and that “only God” could remove him.

Well I agree with him – pray for an act of god.  It’s the only way the suffering is going to end


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Jun 13, 2008 at 12:05 am (Politics) (, )

Sometime you know that tomorrow is going to be tough. Logically you should rest, fuel yourself and prepare for it and I’m sure some people do. I however lack the self control. The knowledge that tomorrow is going to be a killer makes me want to sap every last moment I can out of today. Annoyingly this means another bout of late night madness. I’m not in for a fun one tomorrow (boring work stuff, you wouldn’t want to know) so all I can do is sit here browsing the net, reading every little tid bit about the great man DD, and delaying the inevitable need for sleep.

However it has provided me with an amusing imagination game – what are the senior politicians in the country thinking right now as they try and drop off at the end of an astonishing and unexpected day that is going to lead to all sorts of mayhem tomorrow?

David Davis will of course probably be sleeping the most calmly. Nothing like a clear conscience and the knowledge that you’ve done the right thing to send you soundly to sleep. He’ll be the sensible person preparing for the struggle ahead with preparation, a cool head and a determined view. In his pale blue stylish pyjamas he’ll be dropping off in no time.

Clegg will be anxious – he knows he’s on the right side of the argument but he was the first leader to jump into the unpredictable minefield of the by-election that lies ahead. He’ll be wondering if he’s going to get burnt and whether the members of his party who already think he’s cosying up to the Tories too much will be even angrier at him tomorrow. His pyjamas of course have yellow and blue horizontal stripes. He’ll probably be heading down to the kitchen for a cup of camomile tea to help him drop off.

Cameron will be having a chat with Samantha as they lie in their four poster bed – him in dark blue silk pyjamas, Samantha in something from Laura Ashley she’s had since the 80’s. He tells her he agrees with Davis, he see his point and he has to admire his balls but gosh darnit it’s a risky time and things were going so smoothly. This is going to take some serious skill to manoeuvre and the trouble with being the leader of the Tory party is that you can always count on the party members to do their best to get in your way – nevermind those eejits over at Conservative Home handing Gordon a bag of ammo from under the table. Samantha hands Dave a warm mug of fair trade and cocoa, strokes his brow and reassures him that Davis may not watch as much You Tube as DC but he has a canny knack of connecting with the great British public and that it will all turn out right in the end.

And then we turn to the Hunchback in the Tower – the phantom of Downing Street. He cuts a ghostly figure as he paces the corridors of Downing Street still in his suit and tie, muttering to himself about how he can’t understand it, about how it’s not his fault they’re in this much mess, thinking he really does believe 42 is the answer even though he’s forgotten he read it in a Douglas Adams book rather than a creditable piece of evidence. Because of course the only man who truly will be unable to sleep tonight is our supreme leader. So mired in tactics, turmoil and travesty he’s truly lost sight of who is, what he stands for and where he’s going. He knows only one thing – that he must hold on to power for dear life.

Remember kids – a clear conscience is the key to a good nights sleep.

Sleep Brownn

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Genius – Pure Genius

Jun 12, 2008 at 10:10 pm (Politics) (, )

Damn David Davis is good. I mean I’ve always admired the man. He’s principled, he’s canny and he nearly always is on the same side of an issue to me. But today he has just topped everything by making an original, honourable and truly masterful political move.

42 Days detention – do you care? If you don’t you should. Imagine being taken from your family, cut off from all contact with friends, relations and being locked up for six weeks without ever being given a reason why. Would you still have a job when you got back? Would people feel the same way about you? The sad response from most people is that this would only happen to terrorists. The naivety to think that only those who are guilty would be held for 42 days without trial is shocking. Lets remember that the people being held are those who don’t have enough evidence gather against them to bring a charge. There is no concrete proof they are guilty – that’s why they are being held for so long.

It is one of the oldest principles of law in the UK that you cannot be held without charge. It was an idea taken by the French Revolution as one of the most important principles of a fair and free society. It has survived hundreds of years of political change in this country. Yet Gordon Brown is a thread away from destroying all of that – and not over principal or deeply held belief, purely to try and prove his government isn’t taking part in an extended funeral march.

Some have accused Davis of vanity or ambition. Clearly they know very little about David Davis. He is an honourable and principled man who is doing whatever he can to stand up for his beliefs. I am behind him every step of the way.

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Teetotal Tube

Jun 2, 2008 at 7:37 pm (Politics) (, )

Drunken eejits terrorise those who had to travel on the tube on Saturday night and didn’t fancy being part of a drunken mob.

Drunks on Tube

You see while I support the ban of alcohol on the tube I cannot understand why it wasn’t brought in immediately.  Sadly Saturday illustrated the obvious consequence of setting the ban for a date in the future – it allowed wankers to organise an act of public mayhem.  I’m not a puritan, I don’t mind drunk people – in fact very often I am one of them.  The trouble is the rest of the time I’m a woman who works long hours and travels on the tube alone.  I think as a group you will find that we are the people most in favour of this ban.

Public transport is a service the vast majority of people in London have to use and I believe that certain standards should be in place to make it as pleasant an experience as possible.  Over the years I have had too many unpleasant experiences on the tube to recount.  Did all of them include someone clutching an alcoholic drink?  Of course not.  Do I tense up and develop a sense of fear as soon as I see people drinking on the tube next to me?  Yes.

When taking the decision to ban something – not to make it illegal but just to ban it in certain circumstances as is the right of every service and business – a decision has to be made to balance the need of those who do it and the effect it has on others.  Nobody needs to drink on the tube, nobody’s human rights are being affected, nobody is going to find themselves worse off for having to wait until  they get off the bus to have a drink.  Many people feel more comfortable in a carriage that doesn’t have people drinking, many people detest the sight of lager louts congregating around them, many people fear for themselves on their way home because of people drinking.  To me it’s a clear choice – ban the booze and back Boris.

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