Genius – Pure Genius

Jun 12, 2008 at 10:10 pm (Politics) (, )

Damn David Davis is good. I mean I’ve always admired the man. He’s principled, he’s canny and he nearly always is on the same side of an issue to me. But today he has just topped everything by making an original, honourable and truly masterful political move.

42 Days detention – do you care? If you don’t you should. Imagine being taken from your family, cut off from all contact with friends, relations and being locked up for six weeks without ever being given a reason why. Would you still have a job when you got back? Would people feel the same way about you? The sad response from most people is that this would only happen to terrorists. The naivety to think that only those who are guilty would be held for 42 days without trial is shocking. Lets remember that the people being held are those who don’t have enough evidence gather against them to bring a charge. There is no concrete proof they are guilty – that’s why they are being held for so long.

It is one of the oldest principles of law in the UK that you cannot be held without charge. It was an idea taken by the French Revolution as one of the most important principles of a fair and free society. It has survived hundreds of years of political change in this country. Yet Gordon Brown is a thread away from destroying all of that – and not over principal or deeply held belief, purely to try and prove his government isn’t taking part in an extended funeral march.

Some have accused Davis of vanity or ambition. Clearly they know very little about David Davis. He is an honourable and principled man who is doing whatever he can to stand up for his beliefs. I am behind him every step of the way.


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