Something to Pray For

June 21, 2008 at 10:16 am (Uncategorized)

In case there was any confusion over the last few weeks Robert Mugabe has made it completely clear that basically all hope in Zimbabwe is lost. He has issued a call to war, insisting that there is no way the MDC can ever rule Zimbabwe.  Funny to think how often in stable democracies party leaders talk about stopping the opposition from winning an election in a forceful way and it’s taken as political hyperbole.  When the word leave Mugabe’s lip you know they are backed up  – by beating, imprisonment, murder, torture and totalitarianism.

I wrote that a week ago then my laptop had a major meltdown much to my dismay but then I thought – hey at least I’m not a leading figure in the MDC and therefore have not had m wife tortured and murdered. The front page of BBC news is Mugabe top and centre today as satan himself says the MDC are just making it up about violence against them.  Clearly they’re just bullshitting about losing their nearest and dearest according to Mugabe. And those supporters on the ground?  They’re not being beaten – that was just a typo!  They’re being given hugs and cuddles by Zanu PF.

Mugabe has been particularly vocal in the last weeks – making it clear that all hope for any sort of real election happening has been completely lost. The international community is paralysed by a lack of any coherant plan for what to do and Mugabe himself has said

He also said the opposition MDC would never be allowed to run the country and that “only God” could remove him.

Well I agree with him – pray for an act of god.  It’s the only way the suffering is going to end


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