They Have To Grow Up One Day

August 19, 2008 at 6:12 pm (Parenting) ()

Apparently it seems that this year, for the first time, UCAS have allowed parents to act as proxy’s for their children – handling their University applications procedures themselves. Not to sound too Tumbridge Wells but I really am a little shocked and appalled.  These are the so-called “helicopter parents” who will go so far as to attend their little darlings interviews with them.

The problem is these parents are doing the cruelest thing possible to their children. They are depriving them of an essential human experience – learning to do things for yourself.  Now my parents were pretty damned good at this.  From the age of 16, in fact possibly earlier, I was expected to handle my own bank account, phone bills and anything else that came along.  Sure I could ask for help but at the end of the day you have to learn how to deal with the day to day admin of living in this day and age.  Applying to University and handling UCAS was a breeze, especiallly when compared to applying for student loans, getting all the registration garb together and actually getting registered at University but this was a process that I was old enough and intelligent enough to handle.  Surely if somebody is qualified to go to University they have to be qualified to deal with the apperwork and admin that comes along with it?  By taking that away from them parents are making it harder for their children to cope as they get older.

In the same way pre-historic parents had to teach their children to deal with the rigours of day to day life through hunting and protection from predators, modern parents have to equip their children with the ability to pay a utility bill, set up a bank account, fill out a job application etc.  We live in a world of administration and beauracracy – children have to deal with it and parents have to do their part by letting their children deal with it.


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