On with the study!

September 16, 2008 at 8:01 pm (Teaching) (, )

Well I survived the week with the little ones.  They were actually quite sweet in the end.  By half way through the week I actually knew all their names and rather like them.  However I am 100% sure I do not want to be a primary school teacher.  For starters there’s the maths. Secondly there’s the parents – every morning and every afternoon haranguing you at the classroom door.  And finally it’s the kids.  I know kids are cute and indeed some of those 7 year olds were very bright but you just can’t have a conversation with them the way you can with teenagers.  I need students who can at least get my bad jokes even if they don’t think they’re funny.

Anyway the actual course is started and already I’m overwhelmed with paperwork and looking up curriculums and all that stuff.  The people on my course seem to fall quite neatly into categories.  The girls instantly fit into the cliques they did at school.  The overdressed, overpainted bimbos have already formed giggling gangs in the corner, making everyone else feel left out.  The slightly awkward girls are also part of the gigglinng gang but desperately looking for approval and terrified of being shunnned by the alphas.  Then there’s the one or two “unique” girls who act deeply mysterious and aloof in an attempt to make their personalities seem more interesting.  Oh and then there’s the muslim girls who band together with their fantastically beautiful headscarves that almost make you jealous.

The boys are much more simple in their groupings.  There are the lads and the men who don’t want to let the lads know they’re not one of the lads just yet.  Constant conversations about football are had to try and establish who gets to be in the gang and who doesn’t.

Where do I fit in? Well I’m the one who shuns the girls because quite frankly they scare me, is not quite fit enough to be fancied by the lads but not quite laddish enough to be taken into the fold and invariably ends up chatting to the nice but normal men who secretly listen to Radio 4 but would never admit it.

I suspect that one of the main reasons you have to spend so much time with your tutor group on a PGCE is to remind you of the social politics teenagers have to go through in forming their cliques.  It’s certainly working on me.


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