Learning How People Learn by Learning

September 18, 2008 at 4:11 pm (Teaching) ()

I cannot believe it’s only Thursday i.e. four days into my course.  It feels like I’ve been doing it for weeks.  I’m shattered and I haven’t even been near a classroom yet!  It’s just been endless lessons on lessons. We have gigantic lectures with everyone who’s doing a Secondary PGCE on big grand subjects – although every single one of them seems to fit in at some point that you must NEVER touch the pupils. You’d think that would be kind of a given but apparently they feel he need to stress it regularly.  Then there’s the subject studies work in our little gang.  Well I’m starting to like my coursemates more.  Mainly because you have to really.  We’re constantly having to do group work together and the need to know and get on with everyone is becoming  apparent already.  I’m quashing my naturally misanthropic urges and doing my best to find something charming in the cold shallow eyes of the gigglinig girls and the moronic jokes of the mindless lads.  Can’t you tell my outlook is more positive already?   In fairness most people on the course do seem quite nice. There’s only one or two who make me pity the students who will have to be taught by them in a few months time.

So now  I have a pile of reading that’s sending me to sleep just looking at it and a handbook filled with baffling acronyms.  It seems I need to constantly be keeping records of everything I do every day, at every stage of my course to keep in some personal development file.  Maybe I can just hand in the blog at the end of the year instead?

But anyway the thing that’s really striking me is how our tutors are constantly teaching us how to teach in the way they teach us.  You have this unsettling feeling you’re being treated like a 12 year old and then suddenly the tutor explains that they were treating you like a 12 year old – or worse you don’t notice and they ask you to identify what they just did.   Of course this brings out the worst in me as I always want to be teacher’s pet and instantly try and suck up.  So I’m not sure I’m picking up on the ingenious teaching methods so much as I’m regressing to my schooldays.

Next post shall be funnier however for now my brain is too filled with the enormity of the task ahead of me for levity.


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