Oct 6, 2008 at 8:52 pm (Uncategorized)

Third time lucky!  I keep writing this post and saving it and publishing it but WordPress is against me.  This time I’m going to CTRL C it to make quadruply sure because there is no way I’m writing it again.


Alright super short verion

a) Don’t let american teach englih – how is a kid meant to spell aluminium if the teacher can’t pronounce it.

b) Irony of NUTter demanding we strike followed by teachers gleefully wasting taxpayers money on supplies

c) Evening Standard headline on Friday, up around London all weekend, “Mandy back to rescue Labour”.  Aces 🙂

You should have read the last two versions of this post.  They were brilliant.


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  1. Miss Conception said,

    I’ve just found what happened to the first two versions of this post – I seem to have added them as pages to the blog rather than posts. Weird.

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