October 13, 2008 at 7:01 pm (Politics) (, , )

Well it’s happened already.  I have had my first bout of tears of the PGCE.  Not because of the coursework or because of the kids or because of the workload.  No just simply because I’m exhausted.  I’m so tired from travelling to my placement school (not too handily close) and being on my feet all day. It doesn’t help that I had commitments all weekend that meant I’ve had no time to myself.  So I’ve ended up in a ridiculous argument with my mate and weeped relentlessly.  I suspect I’m probably right in thinking this won’t be the first flood of lachrymosity of the year.

Nevermind – it could be  worse.  I could have saving in an Icelandic bank.

Of course the continuing meltdown of global finances is no laughing matter – except of course in the fact that the only way to cope with complete disaster is to see the inherant humour.  Gordon Brown seems to have managed to position himself as the saviour of the world for a day or two.  However the bank shares continue to plummet and Europe’s leaders may have agreed in principle to do the same as the UK, but what they do in practice is completely unpredictable – you only need look at Angela Merkel to see that.  It would be churlish to wish failure on Brown just because I don’t want to see him go up in the polls.  However nobody should forget that his massive borrowing means that the budget really doesn’t have the strength to hold up this massive bailout in the long run.

With all the pressure building up and the massive immplications that hang in the balance I should think I’m not the only person having a little cry in the corner tonight.


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