For the Love of The Job

Oct 20, 2008 at 6:54 pm (Uncategorized)

I’m starting to notice two distinct type of teachers in the staffroom.  Everyone at some points whines about the pupils but there definitely seems to be those who moan but clearly love the job and those who moan and you start to question if they really want to be there.

I know that for me – having been in the profession all of five minutes – it’s a bit arrogant to judge othher teachers but you have to question when faced with such a wealth of pessimism from somme individuals.  Plenty of teachers in between the moaning and swearing and commplaining will show you that they really love what they do – through enthusiasm in a lesson, a kind word about their students or even just some sage advice to us noobs.  But there are others who have a permanent look of disgust on their face, are brutal and cruel to kids and whenever others are out of earshot will tell you that frankly they hate kids and you should get out of the profession while you can.

I just have to wonder – why the hell are they still there?  Do they think they can’t get another job in the “real world”? Do they see themselves as some sort of martyrs to the cause? Or do they just stick around for the job security and the pension?

I hope I never become one of them or if I do I’ll have the good sense to get away from the job and leave teaching to those who can inspire kids rather than take out their bad humour on them.

In some ways you could liken these teachers to Gordon Brown – don’t like the job, nobody wants you there anymore and it’s causing endless stress but for some reason they just won’t give up.


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