Obama is NOT a Muslim Goddamit!

October 21, 2008 at 7:16 pm (Uncategorized)

I realise relying on 12 year olds version of events is no exactly reliable.  In fact one of them the other day was asked who the running mates of McCain and Obama were and responded by saying Mrs Bush and Jackie Kennedy.  However what really shocked me was when the candidates religion came up.  Someone said Barack Obama was Muslim.  It was explained to them that no he wasn’t.  At this point the kids – notice the plural there, not just the one who said it originally but a whole group of them – suddenly became aggressively assertive that he was.  They then had to be reminded that probably teacher knows a little bit more than them.

Is this how prevalant the Republican smear campaign is?  They’ve managed to convince English comprehensive kids of their lies? (Not that I’m saying calling somebody a muslim is  a smear but we all know why the Republicans don’t mind dumb floating voters think it since a vast minority of americans seem to see the words Muslim and Terrorist as synonymous).  Or is it not that.  I genuinely doubt that any of the US presidential campaign has saturated these children’s minds much.  Instead a black man with a vaguely exotic sounding name is just naturally a Muslim to them.  However it is still odd that they were so vehement in their belief that he must be Muslim.

Anyway thank god we have CNN to set the record straight:


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