Teetotal Tube

Jun 2, 2008 at 7:37 pm (Politics) (, )

Drunken eejits terrorise those who had to travel on the tube on Saturday night and didn’t fancy being part of a drunken mob.

Drunks on Tube

You see while I support the ban of alcohol on the tube I cannot understand why it wasn’t brought in immediately.  Sadly Saturday illustrated the obvious consequence of setting the ban for a date in the future – it allowed wankers to organise an act of public mayhem.  I’m not a puritan, I don’t mind drunk people – in fact very often I am one of them.  The trouble is the rest of the time I’m a woman who works long hours and travels on the tube alone.  I think as a group you will find that we are the people most in favour of this ban.

Public transport is a service the vast majority of people in London have to use and I believe that certain standards should be in place to make it as pleasant an experience as possible.  Over the years I have had too many unpleasant experiences on the tube to recount.  Did all of them include someone clutching an alcoholic drink?  Of course not.  Do I tense up and develop a sense of fear as soon as I see people drinking on the tube next to me?  Yes.

When taking the decision to ban something – not to make it illegal but just to ban it in certain circumstances as is the right of every service and business – a decision has to be made to balance the need of those who do it and the effect it has on others.  Nobody needs to drink on the tube, nobody’s human rights are being affected, nobody is going to find themselves worse off for having to wait until  they get off the bus to have a drink.  Many people feel more comfortable in a carriage that doesn’t have people drinking, many people detest the sight of lager louts congregating around them, many people fear for themselves on their way home because of people drinking.  To me it’s a clear choice – ban the booze and back Boris.


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